Low Profile Plate Carrier TARGE

Low Profile Plate Carrier TARGE

● Removable front panel with M.O.L.L.E. for attaching pouches. The panel could be attached to main part of the vest with velcro
● Velcro on back for attaching patches
● Elastic cummerbund
● The vest is adjustable on height
● Ballistic plates could be inserted to inner compartments on front and on back sides of the vest. The plate carrier is compatible with our ballistic plates Korslet AK 2 and with plates that are produced by other companies
● 3D mesh on the inner side provides comfort while carrying

Fits plates not larger than 35 cm x 29 cm

Quantity, type and place of pouches will be determined by you depending on your tactical task. You can use any pouches acceptable for M.O.L.L.E system on the vest. Pouches and ballistic protection are not included in the price. You can buy them seperately.


Weight: 650 g

Color: black