Paratrooper Smock and Pants

Paratrooper Smock and Pants

The “Paratrooper” suit consists of a windproof jacket and trousers. The suit is fairly free and has the ability to be used with an additional insulating underlayer, which increases its versatiltiy depending on the climate.


Weight: jacket / pants 1085/680 grams (varies with the size)



The jacket has a free cut with a central zipper and a wind-proof strap with a button closure over top the zipper. The volume of the hood is regulated by special strap. On the jacket there are eight pockets - two chest pockets with zippers and two chest pockets with flaps and a button closure, two additional pockets lower down with flaps and button closure, one on the left sleeve and one inside for documents. External adjustment of the jacket is by a cord at the waist. There are shoulder straps with removable loops. Adjusting the cuff sleeves by using a hem with a textile fastener.



Trousers have six pockets of different volume: two side, two on the back with flaps and buttons and two on the thighs with flaps and button closure. The waist is adjustable via a belt. It has a button fly. On the belt there are seven loops for an army belt. The bottom of the pants is adjustable  with the help of ties.



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