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Plate Carriers

A Wide Range of Carriers to Fit the Requirements of Any Mission

AI Tactical's Cutting-Edge Plate Carrier Designs

Browse our selection of Plate Carriers and Vests, as well as accessories to our ARKON Modular Plate Carrier. These items will allow the wearer to carry ballistic inserts of various threat levels as well as pouches and patches.

AI Tactical Solutions is glad to unwind its doors to you, the leading source of innovative tactical equipment. We are experts in producing the highest quality plate carriers that meet stringent criteria of contemporary professionals at AI Tactical Solutions. Developed, designed and manufactured in the USA Our plate carriers are finished with extreme attention to detail for maximum comfort durability functionality under high-speed low drag environments.

Why Our Plate Carriers Reign Supreme in Tactical Gear?

Our revolutionary plate carrier designs deliver unrivalled protection and adaptability. Designed with a high level of accuracy, our plate carriers are customizable features and can be personalized on certain configurations along with top quality materials which would help to make your tactical capabilities better. No matter if you’re a law enforcement professional, an armed military operator or just passionate pursuit enjoyer; AI Tactical Solutions guarantees equipping with utmost precision quality plate carriers to lead the way for exceptional tactic gear. It turns the level of your strategic experience to new AI Tactical Solutions – where innovation meets utility.

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