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Support veterans and first responders one cup at a time!


Having trouble deciding what blend to get? The 4 Blends Sample Box got you covered! This bundle will help you find your new favourite brew to get you through the day. 


The 4 Blends Sample Box contains: 


  • Original - French Dark Roast

Arrowhead french roast dark coffee - original brew is full of flavour, bold with smooth tasting. French roast dark coffee - original brew specially sourced from Mexico. Beans Certified Fair Trade. 


This smooth tasting Dark Roast is the first coffee put out by Arrowhead. 


  • Cleared Hot - Espresso Blend

Whether at home being a lazy sack, or brewing up in the patrol base at zero dark stupids, Arrowhead Espresso blend coffee "cleared hot" is going to smoke check your taste buds. With its dark roast and bold flavour, this coffee will hit you like a 2000lb JDAM smashing its target...with a BANG!!

Be advised, these beans are Certified Fair Trade, so don't get your tight pants in a knot Hipsters. You are "Cleared Hot" to consume. Arrowhead Espresso blend coffee cleared hot go perfectly with a cup of brewed coffee, milk or solo.


  • Gazer - Mix Blend Medium 

This delicous medium blend will punch you right in the flavour market! Recommended use for long range days, late night patrols, or by God before early morning group physical training.

Enjoy arrowhead wonderful smooth taste mix blend medium coffee gazer. Arrowhead mix blend medium coffee comes with rich flavour, taste and worth the cost.


  • Salute - Mix Blend Medium

Salute Blend - From the deepest, darkest corners of South America, we present Arrowhead's new medium roast to you - Salute coffee blend. A unique coffee with amazing, nuanced flavours and balanced sweetness.


Made in Canada.

4 Blends Sample Box; K-Cup Box - 54 Cups

  • We are proud to be working with Arrowhead Coffee Company, a Canadian veteran-owned and operated company that makes some damn good coffee right here in Canada.

    We are happy to offer their great products and to assist them in furthering their mission of giving back to veterans and first responders. By buying this product, you are supporting good people doing good work, such as

    ·         Team Rubicon Canada

    ·         Walk for The Wounded

    ·         V42 Foundation

    ·         Warrior Adventures Canada

    Brew some freshly roasted coffee and join us in creating a supportive community for veterans and first responders

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