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We are proud to introduce the Arkon Modular Plate Carrier System. This carrier has been designed, tested and built in Canada. All the materials have been sourced from US suppliers and all the assembly and sewing has been done right here in Canada. All the fabric is officially licensed Cordura, with all buckles supplied by ITW Nexus. 


We have 5 different colours available, Multicam, Ranger Green, MARPAT Coyote, Wolf Grey and Black. 


This carrier is designed to be the one and only plate carrier you will ever need. It is one size fits all and can be adjusted to fit almost all body shapes. The cummerbund comes with quick pull straps that can be used to quickly doff the carrier this works in conjunction with the side release buckles in the shoulder straps to allow the wearer to quickly remove the carrier in case of emergencies. Both the front Molle Panel and the shoulder straps come with velcro loops to allow for the threading of wires, or drinking tubes. The front and back Molle Panel can be removed and are held on by Velcro and two side release buckles to ensure that the Molle Panel remains in place until you decide to remove it. This strap and velcro assembly works in conjunction with our velcro quick detach plate bag to allow you to quickly add on additional protection if you choose to run a lighter grade of body armor as a standard but would like the option to quickly increase your armor level if you run into a more hazardous situation. All without having to adjust any of your pouches so your muscle memory remains the same.  


The Arkon comes with built in side plate pouches that are threaded to the interior elastic cummerbund. This is your first point of adjustment as you can set the elastic cummerbund to your desired size. On top of this is the skeletonized MOLLE cummerbund. This can be adjusted to work with the elastic cummerbund to allow you to "lock" the elastic cummerbund to your size. What this system does is allows you to mount gear both on the inside and outside of the MOLLE cummerbund and to prevent that gear from digging into your body. 


This plate carrier allows you to buy one carrier and with that purchase you can choose to strip it of the MOLLE front, back, and cummerbund to allow you to wear it as a concealable carrier. Or you can choose to add on the side plate pouches and Molle panels to allow you to build it however you want for whatever situation you might be expecting. 

Arkon Modular Plate Carrier System

  • We believe in our products and as such we are offering a lifetime warranty on our entire Arkon line. If anything breaks or wears in the field or during use feel free to send it back and either we will repair it or replace it free of charge.

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